PORTUGAL // The 20th meeting of ICCAT, the Atlantic high-seas management body, is running this week. ICCAT2016 presents the Shark Trust with an exciting opportunity to secure long-overdue management for Blue Shark, our flagship No Limits? species.

With Blue Shark accounting for the majority of reported shark landings globally, and as the dominant species within the shark fin trade, precautionary, science-based management is key to a sustainable future.

However, we can’t do this alone.  The Shark Trust will be collaborating on the ground with partners Project AWARE, Ecology Action Centre and Shark Advocates International – working to persuade the 51 Parties (50 countries and the EU) to adopt science-based catch limits, and follow-up on ICCAT’s acknowledgement that in 2015 there was majority support within the Parties for landing sharks with Fins Naturally Attached.

Your help is invaluable too – not only as a supporter of the No Limits? campaign – but also to make your support known. While we are restricted from reporting on daily discussion until the meeting closes we can work together to keep the profile high for our No Limits? species!

Please show your support on social media using hashtags #ICCAT2016 #NoLimitsNoFuture #finsattached #catchlimits and retweet/share Shark Trust posts.

Thank you



The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas – an international organisation responsible for the conservation of tunas and ‘tuna-like species‘ in the Atlantic Ocean and adjacent seas.

Who is ICCAT?

ICCAT represents 50 countries and the European Union – they are known as ‘Contracting Parties’.

What has ICCAT got to do with Sharks?

ICCAT is responsible for tuna and ‘tuna-like species’ – that includes nine species of shark.

Is ICCAT a big deal?

Yes! ICCAT is responsible for fisheries throughout the North and South Atlantic, as well as the Baltic, Mediterranean and Black Seas.  That’s more than 85.5 million square miles.